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Technical design

  • oil and gas industry (production, transportation, processing, storage, distribution)
  • chemical industry
  • infrastructure (gas distribution system, water supply system, telecommunication, road construction)
  • environmental protection, fire protection, safety regulations, energetics
  • other industrial investment design


  • process design:
    • environmental protection, environmental impact study
    • safety regulations
  • plant design (piping design)
  • material technology (weld-technology, painting-technology, insulation etc.)
  • pressure vessel design
  • control systems
  • electric power supply
  • cathodic protection
  • telecommunication
  • thermal energetics
  • civil and structural design
  • foundations, roads, fencing
  • location, plot plans
  • ancillary pipeworks
  • pipeline design
  • corrosion protection
  • geodesy

A társaság története
History of our Company
The Petrolterv General Contracting & Designing Ltd. works as a private company since January of 1995.
Szervezeti felépítés
Organizational structure
The managing director an oil engineer and economist, working at the company since 1980, is responsible for leading...
Szakmai felszereltség
IT background
The Petrolterv Ltd. has an up to date technical background updating it continuosly. Our engineering softwares...